We believe connection begins in Worship, grows in Bible Class, and deepens in Groups. Whether you’re a life long Jesus Follower or someone checking out Christianity for the first time we think it is important to form connections with others where you can Study, develop Friendships, Serve our community, Care for each other, and Grow Spiritually.


Each group is intended to be small in nature (10-20 people) and each gathering revolves around a conversational study that draws from the wisdom of Jesus’s words while interacting with a modern topic relevant to the life of church and its families.

We believe connection deepens when groups not only study together, but serve, care, fellowship, and pray together.  Each group will participate in varying levels of all five forms of connection during each Connection Group season.


Our current season of Connection Groups runs from September 17 – December 3rd, 2017.  Groups will meet all around us, but we will also have a group that meets at our building at 5 PM each week.  If you’re interested in connecting with us in one of these groups the click on the email link: info@cornerschurch.org to find out more information or join one of our groups.